I discovered a displacement of two pages.

On Can We Reasonably etc. the pages 83 and 86 are inverted.

On the sheet, they should, like all other page pairs, have the even number to the left and the odd number to the right, as we speak of books meant to be read from left to right.

Instead, the scan has the pages 83 and 86 in that order next to each other, which means that, when folded, they come in inverse order.

Sorry, may be fixed later.

Those who wish have a right to fix it, copy out that page, twice, from one cut out the two pages, and then glue them to the other copy in their right places, odd number to the right, even number to the left. THEN copy that. THEN use this new copy, instead of the printout, as one of the sides of the pages 81-88.