Non-replies + a few googles

Emanuela Solano has not replied on question whether mice with different caryotypes have been observed to interbreed, which I sent her after reading link in “Speciation observed, but not in mammals“. Ian Johnston has not replied to my argument immediately below the quote.

I have given both the opportunity to do so, by mailing them.

[Update omitted because links are illegible, probably I meant it was inserted in the post here:
Creation vs. Evolution : Karyogrammata

Comments, in which I document a few googles and meaningful results:

Hans Lundahl

Vatican Conference commemorating Darwin’s book – furthering the policy of non-replies towards any creationist challenge.

14 avril 2009 07:22

A reverend admitting that his classification of other people makes dialogue difficult:

“We think that it’s not a scientific perspective, nor a theological or philosophical one,” said the Rev. Marc Leclerc, the conference director and a professor of philosophy of nature at the Gregorian. “This makes a dialogue very difficult, maybe impossible.”

14 avril 2009 07:24

Let us put things clear:

a) being creationist in observance of literal meaning of Genesis ch. 1 & 2, or of St Paul who said “by the sin of one man, death entered the world” is clearly a theological perspective – just as much as theistic evolution is theological in Theilhard de Chardin and his “point Omega”;

b) accepting Intelligent Design as the only intelligent and coherent explanation of complex systems with simple and obviously good functions (eye is complex, sight as we experience it is simple), or at least far superior to atheistic and materialistic evolution is, for both creationists and theistic evolutionists (it excludes neither) a philosophical perspective, at least as much as atheistic and materialistic versions of darwinism;

c) criticising radioactivity based datings, the missing of transitional fossiles – systematic if we are to agree with that chapter of a book from Watchtower Society (I disagree with others), the impossibility or near so of stable chromosome number mutations in mammals (except Richardsonian fusions, maybe) is clearly at least as scientific as not bothering to answer the chromosome problem properly.

14 avril 2009 07:34



And scientific as well as philosophic (epistemologic) is the question admitted even by Darwinists in the Flores Hobbit case:

Hobbit-Like Human Ancestor Found on Flores National Geographic, text Page 2 Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6Here’s the main link to the news story on National Geographic, above links are reserve links.Alternative Story: ABC, Science Articles: Is the hobbit just a dwarf cretin? Reserve Link In other words: separate species or misbirth?

14 avril 2009 08:25


“Nobody who has invested much time down a blind alley likes the messenger who shines a light at the brick wall up ahead.”

courtesy of Art Renewal – – Central Philosophy

15 avril 2009 03:22

Chromosomal polymorphism

16 avril 2009 04:25


Wiki article, cached 2009-04-16 7:20:43

“In some cases of differing counts, the difference in chromosome counts is the result of a single chromosome undergoing fission, where it splits into two smaller chromosomes, or two undergoing fusion, where two chromosomes join to form one.

This condition has been detected in many species. Trichomycterus davisi, for example, is an extreme case where the polymorphism was present within a single chimeric individual.[1]

It has also been studied in alfalfa,[2] shrews,[3] Brazilian rodents,[4] and an enormous variety of other animals and plants.[5]”

Note five goes to a google search where many links (as of my short specimen taking) are NOT questions of varying chromosome numbers, but only of various chromosome lengths on this or that chromosome.

Brazilian rodents are a bit like mice. Shrews and alfalfa are clearly not mammals and therefore irrelevant for my problem.

16 avril 2009 04:29


Robertsonian fusions occur in Nucella lapillus – which is not a mammal

the fusions are of course Robertsonian, not Richardsonian, as I wrongly wrote on previous comment

9 mai 2009 09:20



Owl monkeys (Aotus) seem to have different chromosome numbers. Mammals, not rodents but primates.

9 mai 2009 09:30



This article says that Robertsonian translocation/Homologous fission is seen in diverse species of equus – but the abstract does not explain how that is supposed to work.

9 mai 2009 09:35

This article on American Negro and White populations concerns chromosome lengths, not numbers.

9 mai 2009 09:45

This scholar Google has been further narrowed down to recent articles:

I have also taken away species already commented on, I have also taken away some species clearly not mammal (plants, fish, birds).

9 mai 2009 09:57

Here’s the top article – chromosome polymorphisms cause reproductional abnormalities.

9 mai 2009 09:59


The article on South American deer promises evolutionary history … but are the polymorphisms seen in genesi or after the supposed events?

9 mai 2009 10:02
Telomere fusion may mean cancer

11 mai 2009 02:55

New Google, Robertsonian fusion and translocation

14 mai 2009 00:29

article on mechanism

14 mai 2009 00:35

further narrowed down scholar google

14 mai 2009 00:39

Top articles of above:

14 mai 2009 00:43

“Robertsonian fusion” + bovidae, OR bull, OR cow, OR goat, OR sheep, OR cattle

14 mai 2009 00:53

“Robertsonian fusion” + mouse OR mice OR sorex OR rodentia OR rodents IN TITLE

14 mai 2009 00:56

cattle search on “Robertsonian fusion”, but all in title

14 mai 2009 00:58

Robertsonian fusion plus monkey et c, anywhere in article

14 mai 2009 01:01


First article of above

14 mai 2009 01:03


Quoting which:

“Using G-banding and deleting the heterochromatic short arms, the chromosomes of the African Green monkey can be artificially fused to reconstruct a karyotype of the Rhesus with only one pair of unmatched small metacentrics.”

14 mai 2009 01:05
The Nucella link – Nature, abstract of article —
owl monkeys – ncbi, abstract of article —
equus – Cytogenet Genome Research, abstract of article —
Chromosome Polymorphism in American Negro and White Populations – nature, ludicrous small abstract —
[The relationship between clinical outcomes of reproduc-tive abnormalities and chromosome polymorphism] – ncbi, abstract of article —
The surprising evolutionary history of South American deer – ScienceDirect, abstract of article —
The nature of telomere fusion and a definition of the critical telomere length in human cells (=cancer) – Genes and development, abstract of article — the publications are few, the abstracts are more prominent than the fulltext. — Hans-Georg

11 juin 2009 08:52


[In other words, doing research by internet is being made less easy because of having to buy articles. Now I am on and perhaps I should try again.] is the new index post to this series.

[full url, new short link: – but it is very much behind the blog.]

3 août 2009 08:02




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